How to purchase Global Art Students’ NFT Artwork?

How to purchase Global Art Students’ NFT Artwork on OpenSea with MetaMask? Here is the Simple Guide:

1. Create a MetaMask Wallet: Before we start, let’s create a digital wallet called MetaMask. Go to the MetaMask website: follow the instructions to set it up. It’s like creating an online account.

2. Add cryptocurrency to MetaMask: After creating MetaMask, you’ll need some cryptocurrency called “crypto” to buy NFTs. [Can do it after decided which NFT  artwork to purchase.]

3. Open OpenSea: Now, go to a website called OpenSea. It’s like an online art gallery for special NFT artwork.

4. Connect MetaMask to OpenSea: On OpenSea, you can directly connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking a button that says “Connect Wallet.”

5.Search for “Official Global Art” Collection: Use OpenSea’s search to find the “Official Global Art” collection. This is where your children’s artwork might be showcased.

6.Find Your Children’s Artwork: Inside the “Official Global Art” collection, look for your children’s artwork. They might have a special title or description that helps you recognize them.

7.Explore Your Children’s Artwork: Click on the artwork to see it up close. You’ll learn about the young artist’s creativity and see their masterpiece.

8.Decide What You Want: When you find your children’s artwork, think about if you want to “bid” (like an auction) or “buy now” (if the price is set).

9.Make an Offer or Buy: If you want to bid, say how much you’re willing to pay. If you’re buying now, just click the “buy” button.

10. Confirm the Purchase: Your MetaMask wallet will show a message. It’s like saying “yes” to buying the art.

11. Wait a Bit: It takes a short time for the digital magic to work. Wait a few minutes.

12. Check Your MetaMask Wallet: Look in your MetaMask wallet. You’ll see the NFT artwork you bought. It’s like having a picture or card in your purse.

13. Enjoy the NFT Artwork: You now own a special digital artwork created by your children! It’s a unique way to celebrate their creativity.