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If you truly believe the Power of Creativity, you have come to the right place!

globalart programme is designed to enhance the learning disciplines and the creativity of learners, by making our lessons systematic, enjoyable and fun, learners will be able foster their creative talents, enhance their problem solving skills and develop a ‘Higher Order Thinking’.

The programme is currently implemented in 19 countries with 600 centres and a registration of 1,000,000 learners throughout the world.

globalart is committed to your success, You do not need to be an artist or to have a ‘business experience’ in order to start a globalart franchise; our innovative franchising scheme offers you everything you need to know and apply in operating a globalart centre.

With our innovative, systematic and professional approach to our franchisees and programmes, globalart has a proven track record of growth over the last 20 years.

Come and join us soon in this exciting journey, globalart, Think Creative…

Achievements and Awards

Celebrating accomplishments and achievements since 2003.

More than 600 centers worldwide

Why Choose globalart as Franchise

how does globalart benefit your child

Why I Choose globalart as my business

how does globalart benefit your child

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